While studying at the Department of Foreign Languages, students have many opportunities to receive scholarships financed by businesses and alumni. Students can also participate in other valuable activities like working as a teacher assistant or an academic counselor at the School Language Center. In addition to the facilities available at the university, Department of Foreign Languages has eight laboratories with modern, first-class equipment which enable students to enjoy a lesson with English-teaching software, access to the Internet.

1. Programmes and Courses

1.1. Training courses

There are three undergraduate and one graduate programs including:

- English Teacher Education

- English Language Studies

- International Joint-degree program (2 years in Vietnam and 2 years abroad)

            -  TESOL graduate program

For 22 years, the Department has trained nearly 6,000 students of different programs. There are 1,015 Vietnamese students and 44 Thai students currently studying at the Department. The training courses are updated in accordance with advanced programs aimed at enhancing student’s capacity.

1.2. A second major

Students with good study results can have opportunities to pursue a second major  by enrolling in a second full-time course of study offered by the University, for instance, Accounting, Finance - Banking, Business Administration, Law, Tourism or Social Affairs. After graduation, students will receive two full-time degrees.

2. Faculty and staff

There are more than 48 lecturers and 4 staff members including one Meritorious Teacher, two professors and six PhDs. Most of the lecturers receive education in native speaking countries such as USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, France, Russia and Australia. In addition, the department is a frequently-visited destination for international experts in education to deliver their lectures or workshops.

2.1. Department executive board

            Tran Ba Tien, PhD. – Department chair – email: tientb@vinhuni.edu.vn

            Vu Thi Ha, PhD. – Vice Department chair – email: vuha2000@mail.ru

            Phan Van Huong, M.A. –Vice Department chair – email: phanvanhuong72@gmail.com

2.2. Faculty members

            English-major Divisions (List of Lecturer in the Division and email)

            English non-major Division (List of Lecturer in the Division)

2.3. Administrative Staff

            Van Thi Phuong, student affairs officer– phone: vanphuongnndhv@gmail.com; cell phone: 0917104168

            Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, department secretary  – huongba2011@gmail.com; cell phone: 0982534678

2.4. Technical Staff

Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang – ntqtrang@vinhuni.edu.vn; cell phone: 0948969255

Nguyen Hung Viet: hungvietlatoi@gmail.com; cell phone: 0906005252

3. Research

Research is one of the major developing foci of the Department of Foreign Languages. The department frequently conducts scientific research in the field of foreign languages ​​to serve the comprehensive reform of foreign language teaching, helping Vietnam further integrated into global trade.

4. Alumni

The alumni from the Department of Foreign Languages make significant contributions through teaching, social work and professional development within their communities. Our alumni are held in high regard by employers and find challenging and rewarding employment opportunities in a wide range of fields including education, tourism, journalism and economy.

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4.1. Meet our Alumni


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4.2. Stay connected

Please complete Alumni Form Registration to stay connected with the Department and Vinh University and build up stronger networks.

5. Job opportunities

 A Bachelor degree in English studies can open door to many job opportunities for students. They can work as a teacher of English, a translator, an interpreter, or a project coordinator and take up other jobs that require English as a mandatory criterion. Nearly 100% students graduated from the Department have been employed by education institutions and companies of different fields.

6. Entrance examination subjects

Group D1 (Mathematics, Literature, English)

7.  Contact us

Phone: 0982534678

Address: 1st Floor, A0 building, Vinh University, 182 Le Duan Street, Vinh City, Vietnam