A. Function

Train the university students and post graduate students majoring in English and enhance foreign language capacity for those in need. Offer pedagogical training for teachers, and conduct scientific research in the fields of foreign languages.

B. Missions

1. Provide full-time language course to students majoring in ​​English studies. Offer in-service language training courses and full-time language course to students studying English as their second major.

2. Offer post-graduate language training course specialized in TESOL in English.

3. Co-operate with oversea universities in training English language. Teach Vietnamese for international students.

4. Teach foreign languages, including English, Russian, Chinese and French to undergraduate students, and graduate students whose English foreign languages are not their first major.

5. Provide pedagogical training course to secondary and high school teacher of English and French.

6. Provide language training course in English and French to the candidates who are in need of attaining a language proficiency CEFR-level based certificate.

7. Conduct scientific research in the field of foreign languages ​​to serve the comprehensive reform of foreign language teaching, helping Vietnam further integrated into global trade.

8. Cooperate with educational institutions at home and abroad, international organizations, and embassies of different countries for academic and cultural exchanges, which partly contribute to improve the efficiency of international integration.

9. Participate in the activities of the National Foreign Language Project 2020.

10. Provide the Headmaster with constructive advice to build up strategies for development and training, conduct scientific research and strengthen international cooperation.