In respond to the occupational skill training program of Vinh University, the Contest of Professional Pedagogy 2016–2017 was held at Hall A of Vinh University by Foreign Languages Department on December 7th 2016. 

Amongst representatives attending the contest were Deputy Rector of Vinh University Dr. Thai Van Thanh, Chair of Foreign Languages Department, Ph.D. Tran Ba Tien, all faculty members and hundreds of students of the Foreign Languages Department. 

In the opening, Ph.D. Tran Ba Tien stressed "This important contest aims to give students opportunities to improve their linguistic and cultural knowledge, develop pedagogical skills, promote creativity and enhance communicative competence." 

At 7 pm, the atmosphere of the Hall became extremely electric by a crowd of ebullient audience. Participating the contest were four teams coming from K54, K55A, K55B and K56. The contest consisted of four parts, starting from part one “greeting”, followed by part two and three “pedagogical knowledge”, and “handling situations” and ended with part four “eloquence contest”. After four exciting rounds, the K54 team won the first prize, the C55A team was the first runner-up, K56B and K55B were the second runners-up. 


The Pedagogical Training Contest 2016-2017 has left an unforgettable impressions of FLD students who are really creative, enthusiastic and talented.