The enthusiasm is burning wildly in every student especially in the week of "Youth Month". Do not let that air settle down, continue to emulate the Congress of Students Association of Vinh University XI term 2018 - 2020, the evening of 21/3 at Hall A, LCD - LCH Faculty of Foreign Languages successfully organized the ENGLISH SPEAKING CONTEST program. The program has the participation of 10 best students and teachers in the Faculty and many students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. 

10 contestants have excellent presentation, with attractive topics. The program is not only where the FLD-ers are showing talent but also where students are exchanged learning, relaxing with exciting games. Presentations by contestants with hot topics in today's society such as Children with smartphone, Happiness, Share, Depression, Abortion, Liar, 4.0 Revolution, ...... Final contestant Tran Thi Thom has won the first prize, the contestant Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh won second prize and third prize belongs to contestant Nguyen Minh Anh. 

The program has brought passion and enthusiasm to the students of the Faculty of Foreign Language Teachers in particular and you come to participate in general English subjects, stimulate learning motivation, improve presentation skills. for you and also a good signal for the next ENGLISH SPEAKING CONTEST season.