In recent years, environmential pollution has become a problem of concern to many people. The reason stems from the fact that many people has been acquainted with the bad habit of dropping litters irresponsibly.

After school, many classrooms look like a country fair with garbage being found on the floor and  under every desk. After each collecting tuition session, different kinds of paper, empty milk boxes, water bottles are littered on the floor.

Students of Vinh University are smart, enthusiastic and kind, however, they are rather carefree sometime.

Although many trash bins have been installed around the campus area, many students are sticked with the bad old habit of dropping litters.

Many students think it is not their responsibility, but social workers’ to keep their surroundings clean when they are in public places. It is such a short-sighted viewpoint.

How can we reduce pollution at our beautiful and spacious school? I strongly believe that everyone should hold responsible to keep the environment clean and green. It requires a change in the mindset. Whenever you feel like dropping a used water bottle, think again, cast your eyes around until you find a trash bin nearby. It is a small action that makes a great effect. By showing our respect to the environment, together, we make our school a beautiful place to live and study.