On the afternoon of the 14/8/2018 Department of foreign languages has completed tasks to welcome, guide on the admission for freshers of the Department. The students were very excited with the admission form on hand, looked happily when listening to guide from senior students. The students have also been introduced on the English Club of the Department as well as the the way to join the club. K59 students welcoming program will continue in the coming days, the Board supporting new students to enter the school will remain in the Office of Department of foreign languages to receipt enrolment forms from all freshers. Any fresher who has not enrolled yet should come to the Office of the Department of Foreign Languages to complete admission procedure.

In term of the success which the Department has achieved over the years, hopefully the new students of K59 would be new hope for the development of the Department in the future.
Welcome all of you to come to our beloved FLD House- where to support your dream and build the future of youth.
Welcome to FLD.