On 1/2/2018, the Department of Foreign Languages cooperated with LCD-LCH to hold a talk-show night welcoming the new year 2018 and commend the students who are trying, the poor students of the Department, to encourage and motivate the learning and hard work of all the students.


The program was attended by Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Anh - Vice Dean, MA. Phan Thi Huong - Vice Dean of Foreign Languages Department, teachers and students studying in faculty.

The program took place in a cheerful, warm and exciting atmosphere with the main parts of the program: Talk, answer the questions of students; collective games, exchange of arts and scholarships "warmth of Tet holiday" to award good students.

Throughout the conversation, many students' questions were addressed to the teachers about the CDIO curriculum, the training systems of the foreign language teachers and the innovations in teaching methods. Through this, the teachers of the faculty also have the confidences, the most honest sharing of skills and experience in teaching and learning subjects English, French.

The "Spring of 2018" program of the Faculty of Foreign Languages takes place with a youthful atmosphere. The fun learning games and the spring art show helped bring a warm and cozy atmosphere as the students and teachers were linked together more.

The highlight of the program is the awarding of the scholarship for the "2018 Summer Festival", which is a scholarship to acknowledge the efforts and hard work of the students in difficult circumstances to achieve high academic results and award. The award is for K58 students who have achieved excellent grades in the past semester. The students of Foreign Languages Department expressed their deep thanks to all the teachers in the Department because the scholarships is the heart of the teachers.

The two hours of the program left many emotions and fun in the hearts of students and teachers. This was the occasion that teacher teachers foreign language talk; express love, aspirations and welcome together a new spring, a more new successful semester.

Here are some photos of the program "Hello Spring 2018" past: