Girl student: Hello . May I ask you some questions?

Female cleaner : Yeah , Ok .

Girl student: May I have your name?

Female cleaner: My name is Tinh .

Girl student: Can you tell me your age and hometown?

Female cleaner: I’m now 47 years old. I was born and grew up at Thanh Chuong district, but I’m now living with my relatives at Vinh city.

Girl student: How long have you done the job?

Female cleaner: I have been working here for one year.

Girl student: Is it a part-time job?

Female cleaner: yes.

Girl student: So, After working for 1 year, how do you feel about the way that students pay attention to the campus environment?

Female cleaner: In general, most of our students are very good, yet some students are not really concerned about throwing rubbish at right places. For example, some students took along rubbish so as to put into trash bins; but some other students took a paper and tore it up into small pieces which made us feel tired.

Girl student: What time do you come back home to take a break after finishing your work?

Female cleaner: I often finish cleaning up at 11 p.m and sometimes at 10:30 p.m if there any classes having finished earlier.

Girl student : Do you feel tired if you have to go upstairs to clean up ? 

Female cleaner : Of course. So, I hope that students will be more concerned over the environment and energy use, such as : turning off the lights when after class, throwing rubbish into trash bin.  

Girl student: Yes . Thanh for being part in our interview.